Volvo Hopes to Have Driverless Cars on the Roads in the Near Future

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Are driverless cars the way of the future? Volvo sure hopes so. The Swedish automaker is hoping to have automated cars on the roads by 2017.

Volvo plans to accomplish this through a project called Drive Me, which has a $76.2 million budget and is set to kick off next year. The Drive Me experiment will have 100 driverless cars take to the roads of Gothenburg, Sweden to test their ability navigate a variety of traffic scenarios and evaluate their safety and feasibility as an option for the average consumer.

The cars will use GPS, cameras, and motion sensors to navigate, and will have their speed capped at 43.5 miles per hour.

“Our aim is for the car to be able to handle all possible traffic scenarios by itself, including leaving the traffic flow and finding a safe ‘harbor’ if the driver for any reason is unable to regain control,” Volvo technical specialist Erik Coeling said in a press release.

(via Digital Trends)

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