Visually Stunning Photos of Classic Cars Exploding

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While these visually stunning photographs may appear to show classic cars exploding into all their component parts, the method by which they were actually achieved is even more amazing.

From My Modern Met:

For Disintegrating, [Swiss artist Fabian] Oefner carefully disassembled 1950s and 1960s model cars and individually photographed each part, using needles and string to achieve the proper placement. He then played with the viewer’s understanding of reality by digitally combining the elements together into one explosive image. It took him three weeks to achieve the perfectly placed car parts and beautiful lighting that creates an illusion of automobiles slowly bursting apart right before our eyes.

One thing that was really interesting about this to me wasn’t just the incredible exploding effect, but the way the photos really highlight all the numerous and complex parts that make up a car.







What classic cars would you like to see explode?

(via My Modern Met)

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