Most People Get Angry When They Drive Over a Giant Pothole. Not This Guy.

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Potholes are usually known for being sneaky and having a wonderful way of giving you a scare while messing up your sweet ride.

For photographer Davide Luciano, inspiration literally struck him while driving over a “canyon sized crater of a pothole”. He decided to make a fun and creative series, transforming potholes and giving them comical alternative uses beyond “things that force you to shell out for new tires.”

The idea came to life after I had [a] sudden collision with a canyon sized crater of a pothole … I decided to channel my frustration into a positive project where the useless pothole would be a source of humor and creativity.

The series was shot using potholes in NYC, LA, Toronto and Montreal.

This guy may have been able to turn a rage-inducing thing into a kinda cool thing, but he hasn’t made us change our minds about potholes.

davide luciano fullym1

davide luciano fullym

david luciano fullym10

davide luciano fullym2

david luciano fullym7

davide luciano fullym3

davide luciano fullym5

davide luciano fullym4

davide luciano fullym9

davide luciano fullym6

(via SLR Lounge)

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