Leonardo DiCaprio Founded an Electric Car Racing Team

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Leo DiCaprio wants you to know that electric cars aren’t just environmentally friendly – they’re also badass.

In partnership with Venturi Automobiles, DiCaprio has put together a team of drivers to race in the Formula E Championship, which is – you guessed it – like Formula 1, but with electric cars. The championship races will start next year, and the list of participants also includes Richard Branson’s Virgin Racing team.

From the Mirror:

Formula E is a new championship, organised by the FIA, using electric single-seater race cars capable of speeds in excess of 225km/h while producing zero emissions.

Ten teams, each with two drivers, will go head-to-head to create a unique and exciting racing series designed to appeal to a new generation of motorsport fan, whilst simultaneously accelerating the electric vehicle market and promoting sustainability.

Watch the test video above and let us know what you think. Will all-electric racing be as thrilling as the traditional kind?

(via the Verge)

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